Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sound Cloud Releases

Dear Visitors. I realise there are problems concerning the links on this page, therefore you are now elliagle to download releases on Sound Cloud.

Currently, Two Tracks have been released, which haven't been published anywhere else yet.(due to technical issues)

From my album First Reelphonik, "Take This Out" (track14) & the new Second Reelphonik (releasing in September 2011) "Goboza (Reelphonik Vocal Mix"

Goboza was featured on Greenroom Mixtape aswell, therefore it should not be considered as a single.

DJ Real U - Goboza (Reelphonik Vocal Mix)

--> DJ Real U - Take This Out
from the album First Reelphonik 2009

-->> 50 Cent - Candy Shop (DJ Real U Club Mix)
from the albumTechnotronic 2009

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